Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Day 2 Reflections by JunKai

Day 2 Reflections

Today, we went to our respective schools to do our projects. I was in project 3 and so my project group went to the School of Physical and Mathematical Science. We had 2 different projects to do, so our entire group was spilt into 2, one doing the first project, the other doing the other project. For the morning my group were working on the The Fastest Ball Challenge where we had to make use of a ball and time it to find its fastest speed and there were many other challenges after that, that were very competitive.

After that, we went to another floor where we were supposed to work on a experiment called Extracting Caffeine from Beverages. There was a series of procedures that we could never do it on our own without the NTU undergrads. From a simple solution of tea from the teabag, after much work and moving around we finally extracted the caffeine from the original product. 

I learnt many different things today, but one of  the most important is the value of teamwork. Thru all this tasks and experiments, we all need to have teamwork and cooperation, without all these values we couldn’t have completed any of our tasks. They play a big role in not only this, but in many other activities too.

After going through all the projects, one thing that is a must, is listening. If we do not listen, we can screw up many things and some might have horrible consequences, like in the chemistry lab, if we added the wrong solution or forgotten to do something, people might die


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